• Kitchen Receipt Printers
  • POS Receipt Printers
  • Dot Matrix Printers


∙ Customer Receipts
∙ End of Day Reports

∙ Guest Checks
∙ Kitchen
∙ Bar

∙ Admission Tickets
∙ Parking Stubs

CAT (Credit Card Authorization Terminals)
∙ Multiple copies Retail

Data Terminals
∙ Service Reports
∙ Data Loggers


Drop in and print paper loading
∙ Lift the lid, drop in the roll, and close the lid and print. Nothing could be easier. No more feeding rolls through slots or rollers

Faster and quieter

∙ Logic seeking, bidirectional print technology allows higher speed than the previous models with much less noise Built-in power supply

Easy download program
∙ Logo/firmware download program helps you use logo efficiently and easily

Print alarm buzzer for noisy places

User-friendly mini printer setting program
∙ Virtual Memory Switch Manager(VMSM) helps you to the printer setting and default language change easily

High operational reliability
∙ The market proven quality by world installation provides you option of an auto-cutter and take-up, and the ability to print one original plus two copies

Trustworthy reliability (1.8 million lines)

Space efficient /optional vertical and wall mount kits available.

Print Method
9 Pin Serial Dot Matrix
Print Speed 5.1 lps
Resolution 80 dpi (horizontal) / 144 dpi (vertical)
Print Width Up to 63.5 mm
Sensor Paper End , Paper Near End, Wall Mounting Paper Near End, Real Cover Open, Black Mark
Media Type Receipt 
Supply Method easy Paper Loading
Media Width 76.5 mm width
Media Diameter up to 83mm diameter
Media Thickness 0.06 - 0.085 mm thickness
Memory 64 Mbit SDRAM, 16 Mbit Flash ROM

Character Size / per line
Font A: 9 x 9  / 35 per line
Font B: 7 x 9  / 40 per line

Chinese: 16 x 16  / 22 per line
Character Sets Alphanumeric: 95
Extended Graphics 128 x 27 pages
International 48
Software Emulation: BXL / POS
Driver: Windows Driver, OPOS, JPOS, Linux CUPS
SDK: IOS, Android
Reliability MCBF: 300 Million Lines
TPH: 300 Million Dots / Wire
Auto Cutter: 1.5 Million Cuts
Dimensions (mm) 160 (W) x 239 (L) x 157 (D)
Weight 2.5kg


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